You've probably heard the myth that finding out your dog's age is a simple as multiplying by seven. I'm sorry to say that you've heard wrong. There are many factors to consider. Now instead of looking up what those factors are and trying to calculate it yourself, there's DogYears, the free dog age converter.

DogYears is a fun and easy way to find out how old your dog really is. With customizable backgrounds and six different dogs to choose from, DogYears is truly a beautiful and user friendly application. You'll never have to wonder how old Fido is again!


Convert from Dog to Human years.

Convert from Human to Dog years.

Choose weight of Dog for acurate conversion.

New interface

Easier Converting

Six different dogs

Twenty-three colorful backdrops

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Version / Updates

v2.1 - Current Version


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App Store Customer Reviews

By: Swagger_Dagger
This app really is realistic and is tons of fun! Well done!


By: Phink
It is Accurate!
The age of a dog in human terms is more complicated than simply multiplying by 7. The weight of the dog also plays into the formula and this app has a few choices for your dogs weight such as under 20lbs, 20-50lbs, 50-90lbs, and 90+lbs. Get this free app and quit the method of 7 because that is not accurate. With this app you can finally see when your dog should get the senior's disconut at the gourmet dog food store or their free coffee at Burger King.